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Warranty and After Sales Service Policy

Highly secure and high quality mobile facade platforms, personnel and freight lifts produced by MAKSAN Lift are covered by national warranty for 2 years. From production to after sales, MAKSAN Lift, which adopts the principle of providing quality products and services in all processes, stands behind the products it sells with its corporate power.

It provides regular maintenance and service with its technically knowledgeable and well-equipped service personnel. It monitors the service times of its machines online with GPS systems on platforms and freight and personnel lifts. (GPS System is Optional Equipment)

Starting from the date of delivery in service services, it follows the actual usage times instead of time tracking and makes the necessary warnings before the failure occurs. MAKSAN Lift’s products are equipped with a main control panel that warns about problems caused by overload, motion sensors and power failure, and an audible and light warning system to ensure both product and occupational safety.

In order to prevent the platforms, personnel and freight lifts from becoming dysfunctional due to failures, it offers technical service anywhere in Türkiye on the same day and abroad within two days.

Technical data are stored according to the serial numbers determined separately for produced Platforms, Personnel and Freight Lifts.

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